Meditation retreats from across world

Meditation retreats from across world

Meditation retreats are considered to be gateway for finding your inner-world as well as mindfulness. The things that you can witness in a silent retreat are spectacular views alongside oasis of relaxation. It is a true fact that more people who travel wish to include wellness in their trip to have blissful lifestyle.

Meditation retreats from across world

In order to do your internal quest, you need to go the numerous meditation centers found around the world. Here, some of the best silent meditation retreats are chosen for you to make your job easier. Find the one that best suits your requirements. Below we are trying to list the best meditation retreats across the world.

  • Gampo Abbey, Canada

One of the most important thing to consider for those people who wish to come to Gampo Abbey is you will be able to lead a monastic lifestyle. Try to go during summer in-house season.

In addition to that, in order to be part of this meditation tradition, you can definitely go for a week. However, do understand that, residents need to have a yearlong commitment.

  • Holy Isle, Scotland

It is vital to take into account that Holy Isle is around two miles long. However, do remember that, you have the opportunity to witness Eriskay ponies as well as Saanen goats.

In addition to that, do understand that the the northern area of the island houses the meditation center whereas the southern are does have some long-term residents.

  • Simple Peace, Italy

Do remember that Simple Peace is situated in the city of Assisi. Along with that, the meditation center is said to be located in rolling hills around olive groves.

In addition to that, the accommodation in the retreat does includes room with private bathroom. Moreover, you are able to share a terrace alongside verdant garden with other mediators. You may also like to read our post regarding surprising health benefits of practicing yoga.

  • The Middle Way Meditation Retreat, Thailand

This meditation retreat is known to practice a specific sort of meditation that is around 2500 years old. Alongside, you will be able to enjoy in hot spring pool.

In addition to that, by visiting this place you can gain a state of higher consciousness. Also, do note that this particular retreat is said to be located adjacent to the Pai river.

  • Stillpoint Lodge, Alaska, USA

Do keep in mind that the Stillpoint Lodge is at Kachemak Bay Park which is situated in Alaska. Moreover, you also will be able to perform activities such as walking meditations.

In addition to that, you have the chance to connect with nature and be part of the wilderness. Along with that, you will be able to get a silent meditation space.

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